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heir_ika's Journal

8 September
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I am a lesbian who i would like to think is strong sexy and beautiful. I go to school and work. I am currently engaged to the love of my life, Heidi. I am a cutter, an ana/mia. I would like to say life is great but i am slowly working through it with as little pain, blood, hunger, and vomit as possible. I am a wiccan buddist.
abuse, acting, adoption, alanis morissette, alcohol, ana, animals, anime, anxiety attacks, art, baking, bdsm, biking, biting, blood, bod mod, bondage, books, breasts, buddhism, bull whips, campfires, camping, cancer, candles, chocolate, classical music, clubs, co-dependance, country music, cowboy bebop, crafts, craziness, cuddling, cultures, cutting, dance, dancing, dbt, death, desire, dialectical behavioral therapy, dirty dancing, distress tolerance, domination, dominence, dragons, dreaming, driving, eating disorders, emotion regulation, emotions, equal rights, equality, exercising, feelings, figure skating, fire, fisting, flute, food, forgiveness, freedom, friends, friendship, games, gay marriage, halloween, having fun!, healing, heartbreak, honesty, hope, horses, hurt, ice cream, interpersonal effectiveness, japanese, journalism, kissing, knives, languages, laughing, lesbians, lord of the rings, love, lust, magic, manga, manipulation, martial arts, medicine, meditation, mental illness, mia, mindfulness, movies, music, nuclear warfare, open mindedness, paganism, pain, personality disorders, pets, philosophy, photo, pictures, pirates, poetry, psychology, quotes, rape, reading, recovery, religion, rocky horror picture show, role playing, roller blading, romance, school, science, self help, self injury, sex, smelling flowers, social justice, spells, spirits, spirituality, strength, submission, suffering, suicide, swimming, swords, the vagina monologues, thursday, truth, vampires, walks in the rain, weirdness, whips, wicca, wise mind, women, writing